Governance and quality

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UK governing bodies for accountants and lawyers expect the highest standards. We apply similarly high standards to the way the UK200Group operates.

UK200Group governance

We have a Board, led by the Group Chairman, which is directly responsible to our members. The board is accountable for strategy, delivering our corporate objectives, controlling Group finances and developing professional training through our various committees and administrative staff.

UK200Group operational committees

In addition to the Board, we operate a number of other committees to oversee the smooth running of our various activities.

These groups are:

All our committees are run on a professional basis and combine the enthusiasm and expertise of our members, with support from UK200Group staff.

Ensuring the quality of our members

We don’t take the professionalism of our member firms for granted. We insist that they maintain quality and professionalism - key drivers in delivering the best service to their clients.

  • Accountancy firm members

    Must undergo an initial independent review to ensure that the standards we set are being met. These independent peer reviews continue on an annual basis.
  • Law firm members

    Must hold a recognised quality standard or operate an industry recognised Quality Management System before they can join UK200Group.

Our quality assurance process means that clients can be sure the highest standards will be met when they appoint a UK200Group member.

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