Responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak - An update by Declan Swan UK200Group CEO

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Responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak - An update by Declan Swan UK200Group CEO

I am writing to provide you with a very short update on how the UK200Group is responding to the current and serious Coronavirus outbreak.

As you know, we organise and run frequent face to face events throughout the business year which is one of the principle methods of bringing members together.

Over the past few days, we have been monitoring the outbreak and we have been adhering to the Government’s guidelines i.e. conducting business as usual but with a heightened awareness of the need to be vigilant.

However, having spoken to several members over the past few days, I can report that some have begun to cancel all non-essential travel and/or contact with other people. We are therefore experiencing a drop off in attendance at our events.  For this reason, and in the interests of safeguarding our colleagues across the UK200Group membership, we have taken the decision to postpone all events and meetings over the next 4 weeks at which point we will review the situation.

During the coming weeks, we intend to use Microsoft’s TEAMS platform to organise webinars so that we can continue where appropriate to bring members together. We will also seek to re-schedule events so that members that have already booked don’t lose out.

Finally, we will continue to follow Government’s guidelines and you may find the following links useful as you develop your own plans:

Should you have any questions about any aspect of this message, please do contact me at


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