What members want - A brief overview of feedback from discussion groups at 2017 Annual Conference

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 From UK200Group CEO Declan Swan;

At our recent annual conference in Newcastle members discussed topics ranging from technology and business development to human resources.

For the purposes of this article I want to focus on the what delegates thought of our new strategy - Getting Fit for the Future - and the support they need from the UK200Group in 2018.

Record numbers of firms attended the event and feedback was strongly in favour of the Board’s direction.  Here is a sample of the comments we received:

“I am very pleased to see the benefits of the rethinking that has been going on and being delivered. I am optimistic for the future of the group”

“Well done to all concerned. A well organised and enjoyable event”

“UK200Group is on the right track – everyone agrees”

“General direction is good”

Turning to what members need, delegates were clear that as they move into 2018, they will need help in several areas, including:

1.    The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

2.    Recruitment, retention and succession

3.    Technology with an emphasis on how to prepare for digitalisation

4.    International connections.

I am pleased to report that we have already taken steps to support members in these areas:

1.    We have launched a new GDPR forum led by Jo Henderson of Myerson which has issued templates to help members plan for GDPR

2.    We have a HR Group in place led by Helen Spencer of Whittingham Riddell which is staging forums and training programmes to support recruitment and retention

3.    Our Digitalisation Taskforce led by Richard McNeilly of Dains is forging ahead with plans to galvanise relationships with software providers and prepare for MTD

4.    We have finalised our MOU with IAPA which gives our members access to a range of international connections and wider business opportunities.

Delegates called on us to streamline our communications both within and beyond the UK200Group. In response, we have launched a new ‘News Update’ to keep members informed of the latest news with contributions expected from our Executive Board, members and prime partners.  We are also finalising plans to open up our industry groups to all members which will deliver a host of benefits: not least around business development and awareness raising activities to SMEs in those sectors.  More on this soon.

As you can see, the feedback from delegates aligns with our new strategy which means we can now focus on delivering core and added value services to help members prepare and address the challenges ahead in 2018. 

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