Survey of ICAEW members suggests an uncertainty around the UK’s role in Europe could hamper businesses in 2015

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A member of the UK200Group of independent accountancy and lawyer firms has today commented on news that a survey of ICAEW members suggests half of British accountants believe growing uncertainty around the UK’s role in Europe could impede businesses this year. According to the Telegraph, the poll suggests that just three per cent of accountancy companies believe the debate about EU membership in the run up to the general election will be beneficial to their business. Over 40 per cent of firms viewed the uncertain outcome of the election as a potential hindrance, while more than half of companies would be hurt by a rise in the Bank of England base rate, the survey found.

David Whiscombe, director of tax at UK200Group member firm BKL:

One of the many great strengths of the SME sector is the flexibility with which it is able to respond to changing circumstances. But what cripples any business and stifles forward planning and investment is uncertainty and with the current debate over Europe and no idea of the constitution of the government four months hence we currently have uncertainty in spades. I suspect that few businesses are going to be making many long-term investment decisions this springtime.


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