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Are you confident that you have your tax affairs in order?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[SME’s and the problem with productivity.]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Succession planning: family matters]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Case Studies]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Furnished holiday lettings]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Big Brother is watching but what can be seen?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Virtuoso Legal stands tall with legal giants to gain 2nd place in The Lawyer Awards 2017 for “IP Team of the Year”]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Myerson in ground-breaking court case against banks]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Negotiating from a position of strength]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Distributions in a winding up - continued uncertainty]]> <br/> <![CDATA[How will reverting to World Trade Organisation rules after Brexit affect my business?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Get into the mindset of blogging]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Randall & Payne provide insight into R&D tax relief having achieved total savings of £5 million for clients.]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Capital gains tax entrepreneurs’ relief – the story for shares in trading companies]]> <br/> <![CDATA[The Business Plan - don't trade without one.]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Capital Allowances – Use it or Lose it!]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should!]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Using a pension scheme for property assets]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Is it always worth being first in marketing communications?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Entrepreneur's relief for corporate partners]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Directors’ Duties – How To Protect Yourself, and Your Company, From a Bully on the Board]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Employment Status for tax purposes and employment law purposes]]> <br/> <![CDATA[The Final Curtain]]> <br/> <![CDATA[An online spring clean.]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Making profit in a changing market: The key attributes to a responsive business.]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Moving House and periods of absence- the capital gains tax story.]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Autumn Statement – Now the Dust has Settled.]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Five Online scams for business owners to be aware of.]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Not so Uber good: Employment and tax issues arising from the recent Uber decision]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Infographics.]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Questions for Start –Ups]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Get orf my land! What is the tax definition of land?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Uninteresting Times?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[I’m NOT alright – Jack!]]> <br/> <![CDATA[9 Reasons to upgrade your accounting software to Sage 200 Extra]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Airbnb: The tax implications]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Keeping Safe in a Digital World]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Strike me down – Is it tax-efficient to wind up a company by striking off?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[The Party’s over, it’s time to call it a day.]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Banks never cease to irritate.]]> <br/> <![CDATA[The rise of viticulture – the tax implications for start-ups]]> <br/> <![CDATA[9 Top Tips for manufacturers and brand owners who want to stop counterfeiters and copiers]]> <br/> <![CDATA[6 Differences between charity accounts and company accounts.]]> <br/>Charity Accountants at UK200Group member firm Price Bailey, examines the differences between charity accounts and company accounts.]]> <![CDATA[Don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn]]> <br/> <![CDATA[That Old Confidence Thing Again.]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Brexit – the Negotiations]]> <br/> <![CDATA[NIC for migrant worker rules in the EEA - Exceptions to the basic rule]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Training?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Is a Charity ‘in Business’ in the VAT man’s eyes?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Patent Box versus Brexit. What now?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[What are “millennials” really looking for in the workplace?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Mailbox or Inbox?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[What do business leaders feel about the EU?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[You’re nicked ... and taxed!]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Wandering.]]> <br/> <![CDATA[The Referendum Looms]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Does MOSS make a MESS?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Does MOSS make a MESS?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Only 1% understand the full range of options available to them on retirement]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Why sponsoring local events is a must]]> <br/> <![CDATA[The EU Hokey Cokey]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Capital Gains Tax on residential properties]]> <br/> <![CDATA[TRIM Trade and Regulation]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Do they really want our opinion?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[BUDGET – a 360o view with a little hindsight]]> <br/> <![CDATA[The new accountancy standards: What does FRS 102 mean?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Start a successul Google AdWords campaign]]> <br/>