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if you qualify, it could save you £140,000 in Inheritance Tax]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Success with Succession Planning]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Use of warranty and indemnity insurance in UK corporate mergers and acquisitions]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Key changes for landlords in the current tax year]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Is your business beach ready?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Sensitive information and breaches of confidence need to be treated… sensitively!]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Charitable giving and sponsorship – much more than tax benefits]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Succession planning]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Supporting your people – mental health first aiders at work]]> <br/> <![CDATA[This blog is without prejudice]]> <br/> <![CDATA[When is your “Financial Independence Day”?]]> <br/>Robson Laidler Wealth identifies the key factors in planning for life after work]]> <![CDATA[Crisis, what crisis?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[“Right to Rent” Checks and the European Convention on Human Rights]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Challenges For Family Business]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Tax Planning]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Livery businesses’ employment status and rights set to change]]> <br/> <![CDATA[What IT Projects Qualify for R&D Tax Relief?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[What does MTD mean for self-employed professionals?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Free tools to help you with your SEO analysis]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Defending David: When Size Doesn’t Matter]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – Friend or Foe?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Attracting, training and retaining a great team]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Invest in your people with a wellness programme]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Stamp Duty Land Tax- The rules are changing- 1 March 2019]]> <br/> <![CDATA[New Year, new business, new strategy, new start?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[The secret to successful marketing starts within]]> <br/> <![CDATA[What practical lessons can we learn from the Brexit negotiation process?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[The Old and the New]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Residential Lease Extensions and Freehold Purchases: current proposals for reform]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Delivering profitable Growth]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Be bold when writing content]]> <br/> <![CDATA[The importance of good governance for businesses]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Missing assets – who did it?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Farming but not as we know it!!]]> <br/> <![CDATA[The Question of Unfair Advantage of Famous Reputation Brands: Online, Internationally and Programmatically]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Procrastination and the Law]]> <br/>Ingram Winter Green asks can serial procrastinators shield themselves from the consequences of their bad habits, by couching their obligations in sufficiently mitigated language?]]> <![CDATA[Maximising the value of your business even if you are not ready to sell yet]]> <br/>TWP Accounting discusses the importance of planning well in advance of an exit.]]> <![CDATA[Workplace romances: cause for concern or a fact of business life?]]> <br/>Berry Smith and Employment law specialist, discusses how workplace relationships can potentially impact on your business.]]> <![CDATA[Converting to Cloud? Here it is in 4 simple steps.]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Rental Business Losses – the overlooked relief]]> <br/> <![CDATA[The rise and rise of the Family Investment Company]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Are you BREXIT-ready? Can you be BREXIT-ready?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Solving the Recruitment Dilemma]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Website update: passive voice, how zombies can help]]> <br/> <![CDATA[New legislation set to bring in additional reporting requirements for companies]]> <br/> <![CDATA[The generation game]]> <br/> <![CDATA[What triggers a tax investigation?]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Plus ça change (reprise)]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Amazon Brand Registry]]> <br/> <![CDATA[Which professionals should be liable for losses on a fraudulent property sale?]]> <br/>