Why sponsoring local events is a must

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Sharon Hammond of UK200Group member firm Roffe Swayne shares the benefits of why sponsoring local events is a must.

Is your target market primarily local to you? Then surely there can be no better way to improve your brand awareness than to sponsor a local event. Sponsorships are a great opportunity to get company brand exposure directly to your target market (as well as a warm glow from giving back to your community).

Most charity events do not cost the earth to sponsor, usually they are just looking to cover their costs, but the return on that investment can be great for what is generally very little effort. And best of all, the money goes to a worthy community cause, and let’s face it the not-for-profit sector are struggling to keep their revenues up.

Not only can sponsoring a local event help you to get your company name out there, it also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that you care about your local community. Participating in the event allows you the chance to interact with those taking part. We all know people buy from people, and an informal conversation may well lead to enquiries about your services that could result in them becoming clients.

Last year we decided to sponsor the Guildford Book Festival. This annual event has grown significantly over the last few years and generates a lot of press and social media interest with people coming, not only from the local area, but also further afield. The organisers were happy to work with us to tailor a package to suit us. Sponsoring this event worked out very well, it allowed the team to get involved and it also provided excellent hospitality opportunities. It is definitely something we will reconsider this year.

Don’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon. The media exposure before, during and afterwards is a win:win for both sides - the more people are talking about the event, the better.

So get local event sponsorship into your marketing plan and reap the rewards!

Sharon Hammond, Roffe Swayne.

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