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Sharon Hammond, Marketing Coordinator at UK200Group member firm Roffe Swayne, looks at how firms can improve their internal communications and the benefits of good internal communication.

We all work hard communicating to our market place to attract new business, but how much effort is invested communicating with your team? Does your team feel informed about their firm?

As companies grow there’s a danger that information does not filter down – not only to those that need to hear it, but also into different parts of the business. It probably isn’t important to their daily work, but important for them to know none-the-less. For example disseminating information about any current marketing campaigns in case they are asked about it, as not knowing can make the company appear to be disjointed and uncommunicative from within, not good when you are trying to cross-sell.

However, you should be mindful of overloading inboxes, sending an email every time there’s a piece of news i.e. new person, new product etc. will end up with them being ignored.
You may hold team meetings, but what about firm-wide meetings? After all, things said in one team meeting may not filter across to others.

I write monthly newsletters to encompass all news with input from each part of the team, and also some fun bits. It is a quick read but enables everyone to make announcements or share information.

Here are five tips on constructing a newsletter:

• Tone of voice – keep it light - ‘watercooler’ moment, rather than a formal tone makes it easy to read
• Format – a sea of endless text is enough to put anyone off. Break it up with images and bullet points where you can
• Duration – how long will it take to read it? Short and sweet will attract more readers
• Frequency - Think realistically about how much news is generated each month. Maybe start bi-monthly to gauge interest and engagement
• Content - as the saying goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” so make sure there’s some fun non-work content as well. I have found caption competitions are always popular (but not always repeatable!).

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