No News is Good News

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I have made a promise to myself, that rather like giving up something for Lent, I am giving up watching the news during this election campaign. This withdrawal includes party political broadcasts, the political pages of newspapers, indeed anything that might mention that event that occurs on 7th May. Unlike giving up sweets for Lent, which requires willpower, my refusal to absorb the media's overkill is recognition that the majority of the political coverage is frankly garbage. Why reporters have to stand outside the Houses of Parliament to give us information that is coming off the computers or tele printers (or whatever they use these days) that are back at the studio is entirely beyond me.

Don't believe that I have no idea what is going on. I hear (and see) snippets of information telling me about the poker game that is, once again, going on between the parties. The stakes on the table are massive. I only wish that both the politicians and the public recall that the money that is being bandied about is ours. As usual the party leaders (of all persuasions) are using our money to bribe us to vote for them. The problem is that much of that money is not actually ours; it is what is going to be borrowed in our name. Future generations are being mortgaged so that one party or another (or possibly/probably a combination in a coalition) can indulge their egos at our expense.

My period of purdah is not formal just a way to avoid shouting  very impolite epithets at the television screen as one politician or another defies logic by promising something that if he (or she) knows full well will put another nought on our national debt. Why should I be insulted in my home by those I would never have left in charge of the office petty cash - never mind the national finances.

It also concerns me that there is now a plethora of political parties, potentially fragmenting the power bases of the major parties and perhaps leading us into a period of governmental instability. I will not mention any party as I fear that I might not be being fair but I do find it odd to see parties that have very narrow objectives being given equal billing as our traditional ones. A good reason to ensure that I avoid the media for a period including probably two weeks after the election.

I will vote with both of the votes I have (including a proxy for someone else) and I can only urge everyone to exercise their legal right (and obligation) as our forefathers (and mothers) fought hard to get this right. See you under the next government!


David Ingall

Past President

UK 200Group



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