3 Key Things that Successful Businesses do

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3 Key Things that Successful Businesses do

1. Have your challenged your Vision, Mission and Purpose lately?

For too many businesses their vision, mission and purpose are more 'marketing' pieces created for placement on their website or in a company brochure. Rarely are these statements of a nature that can drive the business, its people and its decision making forward. Why not review your own website and vision / mission statements over the next month. Are they easy to understand? Will they help transform your business? Will they help in decisions on strategies?

2. Are you transforming your star team members into head coaches?

In most businesses there are always high performers, which traditionally means they progress through the ranks of the organization and eventually start leading the business and teams. However it cannot be assumed that just because you have a star performer that they will be great at leading or managing teams. A great leader works with star performers to ensure they have the skills to transition to being more the 'head coach' guiding and mentoring fellow team members in the skills required for high performance.

3. It's all about change!

Pick up any management / business literature and you will typically read in the first 4-5 pages about the need for leaders to be visionary, innovate, adapt their products, adapt their business models, transform their teams or improve their bottom lines. The difficultly is focusing on all of those areas at the same time. However, stand back from each of these specific issues and they all have a common theme which is……they are all about change. So how will you improve your ability to implement change successfully, regardless of the topic?

What is certain is that successful businesses are able to identify the barriers to growth and take action to deal with them, often one step at a time. Where will you start?

Will Abbott

Partner & Head of Business Advisory

Randall & Payne LLP



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