Business owners – Want more money, more time or less stress?

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In the latest UK200Group blog post, Robson Laidler Accountants launch a range of business advisory services.

We believe our clients all deserve the three freedoms: Financial Freedom; Time Freedom; and Mind Freedom. In other words, more money and time to spend on important things outside of their business, along with less stress.

Being in business is tough. At times, you might be worried about whether you’ll have enough cash in the bank to pay your team and suppliers. Perhaps you’re working 80-hours a week just to stay on top of things. Or, maybe the stress of daily business life is impacting how you turn up at home.

What would Financial Freedom look like for you?
This is about having enough cash in the bank – both in your business’s bank account and in your personal bank account – to do the things that will enrich your life. That could be buying new assets for the business or your family, having an amazing team Christmas party, or taking your family on a much-needed holiday.

We can help our clients achieve the cash levels they need for their desired lifestyle.

How would having Time Freedom impact your life?
As a business owner, do you feel like you need to be the first to arrive, the last to leave and even take work home with you? You could be too busy working in the business to spend time working on your business strategy. It’s also highly likely that there’s little time left for friends and family, let alone yourself.

We can help achieve balance so that you are not only less stressed in your home life, but more effective when you’re working in your business.

What is Mind Freedom?
Mind freedom is being able to sleep soundly at night. It’s not burning yourself out before taking that much needed holiday, and it’s not getting sick the moment your holiday starts.

Attaining financial and time freedom can be the first step to achieving mind freedom. More money in the bank and more time outside your business generally leads to better perspective and less stress.

We believe it’s not only our duty to help our clients meet their taxation obligations, it’s our duty to help them achieve Financial, Time and Mind Freedom.

“Your business should deliver you the cashflow you need and the discretionary time to enjoy it.”

By Robson Laidler Business Advisory team.

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