A Focus at IAPA International

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In the latest UK200Group blog Ozgur Demirdoven discusses how IAPA has developed since he became CEO.

Ozgur Demirdoven
Dear UK200Group Members,

I am glad to be addressing to you again with my new blog.

As you know I wrote to you in my first blog in June 2019 on the subject of ‘IAPA Definition, Objectives, Goals and Benefits’.

A Focus at IAPA International
In this second issue, I would like to update you on the transformation of IAPA since I have been on the IAPA Board: A Focus at IAPA International. International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) Editor Robin Amlot, touched based with me in September 2019 regarding my 16 months journey in IAPA, which is available to read in the following link:

Our aim is to create a true corporate culture in IAPA, and we are working hard to make this happen.

Accomplishments and Achievements
Please find some of the accomplishments and achievements in the last 16 months:

o IAPA Staff Handbook
o Corporate Offer Letter Format for hiring new staff
o Corporate Employment Contracts for IAPA Staff
o Privacy Policy
o Standard Corporate Form
o Staff Standard Holiday Terms
o Implemented a Performance Mechanism for IAPA Staff
o Completely changed the Centre Team
o Outsourced Finance Division
o Decreased Centre cost by 40%
o Implemented Monthly CEO Meetings with the International Board
o Implemented Monthly CEO Reports to the International Board
o Introduced CEO Blog
o Implemented the new Corporate Governance Model
o Designed new Marketing materials
o Launched a new website
o Introduced new Corporate video
o Introduced new Member videos
o Reactivated IAPA TV (https://www.iapa.net/news/videos)
o Launched new App tool for smart devices
o Upgraded the IAPA CRM
o Redesigned Conference structure
o Introduced 5 new Special Interest Groups (SIG)
o Introduced Strategic Partnership model
o Introduced 360 Degree Multidisciplinary Service Line
o Visited members in 30 countries and 4 continents as CEO (some with Global Chairman)
o Visited 84 members and 96 offices
o Organized and/or attended and presented at 5 Conferences
o Signed a collaboration agreement with AICPA (https://www.aicpa.org)
o Signed a collaboration agreement with AIFLN (https://www.ailfn.com)
o Announced Regional Growth Plans
o Built a pipeline of new members, so that our growth continues at a good pace
o Reached tremendous growth rate:
 28% in terms of member number (from 152 to 195)
 50% in terms of country coverage (from 50 to 75)
 108% in terms of partners (from 724 to 1509)
 143% in terms of offices (from 166 to 404)
 224% in terms of staff (from 6,352 to 20,558)
 486% in terms of member’s fee income (from $478M to $2,8B)
o Changing the organization bank to an International Bank

All of these efforts have been recognised by IAB, and we are pleased to say that IAPA International has recently been awarded Sustainability Champion of the Year at The International Accounting Bulletin’s, Digital Accountancy Awards 2019. a href"https://www.iapa.net/news/latest-news/iapa-awarded-sustainability-champion-of-the-year-by-international-accounting-bulletin/#https://www.iapa.net/news/latest-news/iapa-awarded-sustainability-champion-of-the-year-by-international-accounting-bulletin">https://www.iapa.net/news/latest-news/iapa-awarded-sustainability-champion-of-the-year-by-international-accounting-bulletin

Thank you very much for your IAPA Management and to all our members in making this transformation happen. This could have only been done with your support!

Maximising the benefit of our international connections
I will be speaking at the UK200Group International Forum with David Stevens, on 13 November at Hilton Liverpool City Centre between 16:15-17:15.

The title of your presentation is – ‘Maximising the benefit of our international connections’.

I am so excited to be presenting at the UK200Group Annual Conference again and looking forward to seeing you all there. Thank you for allowing me the chance to address you at your annual conference for the third time.

Please contact me (ozgur.demirdoven@iapa.net) anytime if you have any questions about IAPA.

All good wishes,

H. Ozgur Demirdoven

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