IAPA Definition, Objective, Goals and Benefits

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In the latest UK200Group blog post Ozgur Demirdoven, IAPA CEO gives an overview of IAPA and explains how it's connected to the UK200Group

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Dear UK200Group Members, Welcome to my first “Blog”.

I would like to thank the UK200Group Management for giving me this chance to address you on a routine basis.

That would be a great chance for me to reach you directly and update you about IAPA.

I have dedicated this issue to “IAPA Definition, Objective, Goals and Benefits”.

“What is IAPA?”

IAPA (www.iapa.net) is a leading global association of independent accounting, law and business advisory firms who provide accountancy, audit, tax advisory, legal, business, financial and tehnology consultancy services.

Our members are committed to providing a personal, sustainable service to their clients, offering global expertise and support through their individual experience and local knowledge.

Purpose and Objective of IAPA:

To maintain and enhance a leading global association of quality independent accounting, law and business advisory firms, providing a full range of professional services to clients with international needs.

IAPA Goals

• Increase Global connectivity
• Expand Global coverage
• Enhanced Services
• Maintain quality
• Better visibility
• Raise profile

All to ultimately “Increase business opportunities & work referrals” on a Global scale.

Benefits of IAPA Membership

• Inward – Outward Referrals
• Share Knowledge
• International Staff Exchange
• Consolidated Offers
• Special Interest Groups
• Attract New Clients
• Networking
• Strategic Partnership Benefits
• Recruit Top Talent
• International Service
• Adds Value to Domestic Market
• Joint Venture Opportunities
• An Alternative to Big 4
• Retain Clients

UK200Group and IAPA

As per the signed Memorandum of Understanding between UK200Group and IAPA on 22 November 2017, all UK200Group Members (who are not already members of another international organisation) automatically became IAPA Members and are able to access all IAPA Services. However, this does not apply to UK200Group International Associates unless they elect to become members of IAPA in their own right.

Therefore I suggest you to go (www.iapa.net) and investigate your organization. Please contact me (ozgur.demirdoven@iapa.net) anytime if you have any questions about IAPA.

All good wishes,
H. Ozgur Demirdoven

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