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In the latest UK200Group blog post Sharon Hammond Marketing Coordinator, Roffe Swayne, offers her top tips on optimising SEO analysis

Sharon Hammond
As Google (and other search engines) regularly amend their algorithms, it is a never-ending task to maintain/improve your website’s position in search results. We are continually working with our web developers on this, but I have picked up a couple of handy tricks along the way I thought I would share.

1) What search terms are your visitors are using?

If you haven’t got a Google Search Console account already, it’s well worth setting one up. In the ‘performance’ section you can find out what queries (search terms) people are using to find you, and just as important - it will also tell you the queries which are not leading traffic to your website - and therefore needs your attention. It can reveal some surprising results! For us, we realised that we needed to improve content surrounding the topic of property tax. This we could easily address by creating more relevant content encompassing these queries.

But how do you know how much content you already have on a particular topic?

2) Did you know you can use Google to search your entire website?

This is a really easy way to find out if a popular keyword phrase is somewhere on your website or not. All you have to do is type in the Google search bar the following:-

site:[your website URL] followed by a space, then enter a keyword phrase

Google will just search all the pages within your website and show you how many times the term is mentioned.

As both of these tools are free, the only investment is your time, but as your website is your firm’s shop window, it pays to get it in front of as many people as possible.

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