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In the latest UK200Group blog post, Sharon Hammond, Marketing Coordinator, Roffe Swayne, details possible issues which may arise when building a new website.

Sharon Hammond
Replacing your website is a massive project, and quite a daunting project to start. However it can be a much smoother process by choosing the right specialist to work with.

Most of us consider building a website as a dark art and just want an expert to take away the pain and hand back a beautiful, fit-for-purpose website. There’s no getting away from the fact it isn’t cheap, so you need to invest time choosing the right person/company to work with.

I joined the firm a few years ago, during the building of a new website using a web developer. This is absolutely fine, but with the benefit of hindsight, I don’t think that choice was right for us. There’s no doubt that web developers have excellent web building skills, however we found there was less focus on the user journey or awareness of the SEO tricks to implement. Both elements are fundamental to a website working well and delivering the right results, but were new to us and consequently was not considered properly at the planning stage.

Don’t get me wrong, the website served us well, but there were minor irritations which led to quite a bit of work retrospectively, all of course at extra cost. I learnt then that if I was ever involved in a new website project again I would recommend using expertise with all-round skills in-house. That way everything would be considered pre-build. As with all things digital, the technology moves quickly, what is best practice last year is replaced by a better way this, and unless you are well-read in this area you can easily be left behind.

Following a tender process, we chose a brilliant local firm who had all the expertise in-house and I have to say, for us, they have made this process much less stressful and often answer questions before we’ve even thought to ask them!

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