Where do your leads come from?

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In her latest blog post, Sharon Hammond of UK200Group member firm Roffe Swayne discusses the benefits of analysing where new leads come from.

Sharon Hammond
Aside from working hard keeping clients happy with the service you provide, professional services must also work on to build their pipeline, networking and developing their professional relationships.

Your network can be a great source for new work, but do you really know where else your new enquiries come from? If you do not analysis this, it’s well worth starting to - the figures may surprise you.

Your existing clients can be a great source of new business, both in terms of word of mouth recommendations to friends and acquaintances, but also for additional work.

Marketing campaigns can also land new enquiries, but how do you know a specific campaign has been successful? It may be worth considering starting to use tracking codes. Never underestimate the power of a web search either. We were surprised just how many leads came via a Google search!

However new clients find you, it is well worth recording this data to analyse. If you don’t already, get into the habit of asking new prospects how they heard about your firm and also record the outcome.

If you run a campaign on a specific topic, you may well see a spike of new enquiries if the topic is particularly relevant.

Once you have analysed where leads come from it can guide you on how to best spend your marketing budget to take full advantage.

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