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In her latest blog post, Sharon Hammond of UK200Group member firm Roffe Swayne discusses the value of regular website content.

Sharon Hammond
We are always seeking engaging content to upload onto our website. This enables us to build upon our online profile, by sharing it on social media and adding it into our newsletters. But as we all know, fee earning activity that needs to be done now, will always take priority over writing that takes a bit of thinking about.

It’s always worth explaining to your would-be writers why new content is needed, and how it helps to build their own reputations – so it’s not time wasted!

“Content is king” is a phrase that gets waved about, but it really is true! Here’s why:

Increase your website traffic
Google likes new content, they regularly ‘crawl’ around websites looking for new content; new useful articles will help you to rank your website higher. After all, who looks beyond page one of any web searches! Without any new material Google has nothing to process and will ignore your site, leaving you out of any web searches!

Don’t forget, sharing new content on social media provides plenty of opportunities for your readers (and Google!) to find you, and that too helps your ranking, so it pays to get your colleagues to share any new content on their own social media channels.

Show your competitive advantage
Posting regular interesting content means your firm is kept at the front of people’s minds - so when they are faced with a certain issue, they may well remember reading a blog you posted on that particular topic area, giving them comfort you could help them.

Customer engagement
Engage your customers and prospects alike with helpful content that makes their lives easier. Everyone is time poor so giving away tips to help them will only build upon your reputation of being customer focussed and helpful.

Get writing!
Everybody’s world revolves around doing all things online now, if you have a question you probably ask Google before your friends and family, so make sure your next blog concisely explains an issue and provide a solution, or guidance to prevent a problem arising.

Roffe Swayne is based in Godalming, Surrey and services privately-run companies and investors across London and the South East

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