Preparing for GDPR

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In her latest blog post, Sharon Hammond of UK200Group member firm Roffe Swayne suggests getting a head start in preparing for GDPR.

Sharon Hammond
As I am sure you are more than aware the new data protection law is waiting in the wings, and will turn our marketing world on its head!

Along with many other firms, we decided to give ourselves a head start ahead of May when the General Data Protection Regulation becomes law.

So now’s your opportunity to get your mailing lists in order ahead of the legislation change next May. We have been busy obtaining our clients’ and contacts’ consent to continue to mail them. Not to mention setting up a process and documenting all sign-ups and unsubscribes we receive.

As part of this process, we analysed the types of communications we send out – and found that they largely fell into distinct areas: events, newsletters, technical updates and lastly information relating to our various services.

We wanted to give our recipients the option to select the type of communications that interests them - rather than just a straight opt-in or out.

So we created a simple to complete e-form which we now send out alongside all of our mailings and I must say I am pleasantly surprised at the response rate, not only that but very few have totally unsubscribed.

Lastly, for those that do decide to opt out - always include ways to follow you on social media. By offering another way to stay in touch with your firm, they will still see your marketing efforts, but on their terms.

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