Is it always worth being first in marketing communications?

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In her latest blog post, Sharon Hammond of UK200Group member firm Roffe Swayne advises that it's not always best to rush client communications.

As the saying goes ‘The early bird catches the worm’, but recently for us it was more a case of ‘the second mouse gets the cheese’ (and I’m sure you agree, it’s a much tastier option!)

This year’s Budget is the case in point. There are key times throughout the accounting year when client communication really is a must, and The Budget is certainly one of those occasions. How many Budget themed e-shots had reached your inbox by the following morning regarding the announcements? All before you’d even logged on for the day! Only for the content to be incorrect and out of date by lunchtime.

This year it certainly didn’t pay to be quick-off-the-blocks with the U-turns regarding National Insurance and not forgetting Brexit and the steps made towards triggering Article 50.

Our lovely printers were really on the ball that day and they called me immediately after the news broke regarding the National Insurance change to check what changes were required as the document was already incorrect before the printing machine had even warmed up, let alone the ink being dry!

So a big cheer for our on-the-ball printers, but then of course we were then busy re-editing the copy to bring the document back up to date.

Lesson learned for the upcoming Autumn Budget!

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