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In her latest blog post, Sharon Hammond of UK200Group member firm Roffe Swayne looks at the benefits of using Infographics.

Infographics are cropping up more and more online. They are a great way to quickly and simply explain an otherwise complicated (and dare I say…boring!) set of numbers. They are especially good for making your stats much more visually appealing and easier to digest, or you can merely just jazz up your blog to highlight key points for your reader, rather than a word heavy blog.

Granted they do take a bit of time to create, but they are really eye-catching and can relay a lot of information quickly - making them much more engaging, especially when used on social media or as a great hook to get more visitors to your website.

Twitter and Pinterest are full of infographics on all manner of subjects. As we all know we are all becoming ‘lazy readers’ so grabbing people’s attention is getting harder and harder for marketing folk.

The good news is there are free and easy-to-use tools available online – Piktochart and are ones I have found to be the best (and easiest!). You can upload your logo and just drag and drop items using their standard templates. There are of course more templates if you pay (like most things) but you can easily create some very striking graphics with the free templates available.

So why not have a go and make visual content part of your social media marketing strategy. You will improve your social media reach (with more shares and likes) and benefit from better engagement with your followers.

And then your business should benefit from increased leads!

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