That Old Confidence Thing Again.

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Will Abbott, Partner at UK200Group member firm Randall & Payne suggests which characteristics maybe beneficial following Brexit.

So I guess the pain of watching England lose to Iceland has subsided enough for me to be able to talk about it. And it was painful. Watching players, who are clearly at the top of their profession, and who are undoubtedly highly skilful, completely lose the ability to trap and pass a ball 5 yards was extraordinary.

How could that happen?

Well, once they started to believe that they could not win the game that outcome became inevitable. The loss of confidence had a profound effect.

Which brings me on to that other major event of the summer – the result of the referendum announced on 24th June (which just happened to be my 50th birthday – an historic day indeed). The most immediate consequence of which appears to be a loss of confidence amongst the business community. A loss of confidence that may result in a slowing down in decision making, delayed investment and wait and see approach. The action taken by the Bank of England last week simply adds fuel to the fire. Pretty much a self-fulfilling prophesy then!

My business advisory work over the last few years with a wide range of businesses leaders has only reinforced the importance in my mind of the power of our own beliefs and confidence in our own success. But I am also surprised by the conversations that I have with successful people who confess to self-doubt and profess a lack of confidence. How are these people able to achieve success?

The answer, I believe, lies in another characteristic – courage. Courage is the ability to push ahead with a plan or action, even when you have your own doubts. England just needed one player to show some courage – to get hold of the ball and have a go.

As business leaders now may be exactly the right time for us to show some courage. The Brexit future is uncertain, there are risks and we are less confident that we were. Now is not the time to hide. Now is the time the grab the ball and score a goal. That could change everything.

What will you do?

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