UK200Group Intellectual Property drop-in 'Protecting Brands'

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Join us for an informal and interactive session where we’ll dive into the depths of IP, explore its nuances, and discuss its impact on businesses. Whether you’re a seasoned IP aficionado or just dipping your toes into this realm, your insights are priceless.

A message from Mark Lello, Preston Redman:

“In my experience business owners do not protect their brands, original works, or inventions as well as they should. The terms used can be mystifying and the range of legal protections seem to be confusing as well.

In this new series of seminars, I will shed some light on this area so that you are better armed to point your clients in the right direction – which is to use Preston Redman solicitors to assist you!

In this first drop in call we will concentrate on brands – or trademarks – as a way in which businesses can monopolise the use of a particular name or logo within the UK and potentially beyond.

Some common themes which tend to generate concerns in this arena are:

  • How to protect your trademarks and what happens if you don’t
  • Adding value to your business as against the cost of seeking protection
  • Potential barriers to protection (of all types of intellectual property)
  • What if it all goes wrong – the perils and pitfalls of trademark litigation.

I shall also be happy to answer questions generally about the law and practice of trademarks and any particular queries you may have about these.”

Email Emma Brown to the registration link.

Summary: 11:00-12:00
Location MS Teams
Start Date 24 Apr 2024
End Date 24 Apr 2024

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