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Join our campaign for clarity

The EU Referendum will be held on the 23 June 2016.

As the UK’s leading business association for accountancy and law firms, we are campaigning for clarity on the how the EU Referendum will affect small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).  Since we represent over 150,000 SMEs in the UK, it’s our job to help small business owners and managers make an informed decision about the EU because the result of the Referendum will affect how they do business both in the UK and overseas.

Our Campaign for clarity has several dimensions with the centerpiece, a national debate that was held in Central London on the 11 May 2016.  The panel for this debate included Yvette Cooper MP, Douglas Carswell MP, David Davis MP and Lucy Thomas of Britain Stronger in Europe.  Chaired by leading futurologist, Dr James Bellini, the debate focused on the issues that matter to SMEs and small business owners and managers. 

It was streamed live on You Tube, and you can now watch the debate here 

In advance of the 11 May event, we asked our members and their clients to let us know of any questions they would like answered by the Remain and Leave campaigns.  We compiled a list of 30 key questions addressing a wide range of areas and issues affecting the SME community.

These questions have now been answered by Britain Stronger in Europe and Vote Leave.  The answers can be found in this latest publication and you can also watch the media briefing on the key questions answered.

This document was launched at a Media Briefing held at offices of 7IM , UK200Group business partners, in London. The briefing was chaired by futurologist and author Dr James Bellini and included Seven Investment Management’s Justin Urquhart Stewart, Co-Founder and Head of Corporate Development, James Abbott UK200Group President and founder of  Abbott Moore LLP  Peter Duff, Partner at Morisons LLP in Glasgow and a member of the Executive Board of the UK200Group and Debra Dougal of member firm Haslers accountants a VAT expert, especially with regard to the property and construction industries.

We at UK200Group are impartial in the EU referendum debate and seek only to provide clarity to our members on issues that will affect them. As such, the following answers are provided verbatim from Britain Stronger in Europe and Vote Leave and are combined for the first time in this document.


Download a copy of our document by clicking on the picture opposite:-


Request a hard copy of the document ‘Top 30 SME EU Referendum Questions Answered' here

The UK200Group online newsroom can be found here:

For media enquiries, please contact George Murdoch at or 03333 442 341, Adam Betteridge at or 03333 442 341 or Tina Fotherby at or 07703 409 622.

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