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2015 a strong year for house building despite 2% drop in new house registrations in Q3

The number of new homes registered with NHBC (the National Housebuilding Council) in the year to September 2015 was 9% higher than the previous year, despite a 2% drop during Q3, according to recently published NHBC figures. The Q3 fall is concentrated in England while Scotland, Wales and especially Northern Ireland all saw more new home registrations compared with the same time last year. London grew strongly, with a 25% increase in house registrations, but most other English regions recorded a reduction.

Private sector housebuilding has been almost static, and the Q3 fall was largely caused by a 4% decline in public sector house registrations, with the Right to Buy scheme and the cap on social rents leaving many housing associations reluctant to build.

For more information about the NHBC figures, go to:

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