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Survey reveals architects' workload optimism

Around 40% of 213 architects' practices surveyed in May 2015 expected their workload to increase during the following three months, the latest edition of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Future Trends Survey has revealed.

Just over half of survey respondents believed their workload would remain unchanged and just 6% said it would decrease during the following three months. This gives a balance figure (the difference between those expecting more work and those expecting less) of +37, a change of +1 from the previous month and +4 since May 2014.

Private sector housing was the best performing sector in terms of anticipated source of workload, despite the balance figure dropping to +34 in May 2015 from +38 in April 2015. The workload forecast from the commercial sector increased to +21 in May 2015 (from +15 in April 2015) due to increased activity in the office and leisure markets. The workload forecast in relation to the community sector also grew from -3 in April 2014 to +4 in May 2015.

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