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Management and Leadership Pathways Programme

Welcome to the Pathways Programme - a modular, integrated and developmental series of workshops addressing the specific management, leadership and business development skills team members need as they progress along their respective career pathways.

The Programme will help UK200Group member firms recruit and retain high quality talent and assist them in addressing their internal succession challenges. [see below for details of Modules 1, 2, 3, 4.1 & 4.2] 


(These events will be held in London apart from those dates showing (M) which will take place in Manchester)

Module 1 - Management Essentials Workshop - 8 March, 25 April (M), 5 June

A one-day workshop designed to introduce participants to the core management skills they will need as they take their first steps into managing jobs, teams and client relationships.

Who should attend:- New managers


  • Stepping up to the role of manager
  • Managing yourself and your priorities
  • Managing the team
  • Getting the job done on time, to budget and to standard
  • Mastering the art of delegation
  • Motivation and productivity - your role and impact
  • Keeping your clients happy
  • Keeping your commercial focus
  • Acting as a trusted business advisor
  • Seizing new business opportunities

Module 2 - Management Essentials Workshop - 26 April (M), 15 May, 26 September

A one-day workshop which builds on Module 1 and develops participants’ ability in managing their people and their client portfolios and in building the firm’s client base.

Who should attend:- More experienced managers


  • Understanding the people performance essentials
  • Conducting effective appraisals
  • Coaching fundamentals and practice
  • Reviewing performance regularly and delivering constructive feedback
  • Managing your personal brand including through the use of social media
  • Recognising and enhancing your role as a business developer
  • Identifying prospects, following up leads and turning prospects into clients
  • Understanding the process of professional consultative selling
  • Handling conversations with clients about fees
  • Maximising profitability, managing budgets and risk exposure

Module 3 - Leadership Development Workshop - 6 March, 4 October (M)

A one-day workshop which builds on Module 2 and develops participants’ leadership skills, and enabling the potential of those who may become future partners or directors of their firm.

Who should attend:- Experienced managers and team leaders


  • Managing and leading – getting the right balance
  • Contributing to the practice’s strategic direction
  • Understanding and applying the influence ó power spectrum
  • Adopting the right leadership styles, skills and behaviours
  • Gaining commitment not just compliance – realising the motivations of others
  • Building and unlocking the potential in your team
  • Developing your mental toughness to give you the competitive edge
  • Expanding your networks and your business development activities
  • Developing your role as the clients’ trusted advisor and not just a technical expert for hire
  • Q&A panel of both new and experienced partners

Module 4.1 Business Development Skills - (Advanced Workshop) - 5 September

A one-day workshop which will focus on the practical application of the principles covered in earlier modules through delegate-driven, scenario-based interactive exercises.

Who should attend:- Experienced managers, directors and partners


  • Review of current business development activities – what’s working and what isn’t
  • Refresher of business development principles, processes and behaviours
  • Making the most of your networking opportunities – face-to-face and digital
  • Conducting effective prospect meetings
  • Flexing your influencing approach
  • Proposing solutions and dealing with objections
  • Knowing when and how to negotiate
  • Reaching agreement and closing the sale
  • Onboarding new clients

Module 4.2 Leadership Skills - (Advanced Workshop) - 6 September 2018

A one-day workshop which will focus on the practical application of the principles covered in earlier modules through delegate-driven, scenario-based interactive exercises.

Who should attend:- Experienced managers, directors and partners


  • Self-audit – how am I leading?
  • Refresher of the core leadership attributes, skills and behaviours
  • Adapting your leadership style to different situations and different people
  • Developing your team and your team members
  • Flexing your influencing approach
  • Leading your team through times of change
  • Developing your strategic mindset and approach

A unique Approach

  • Developed by UK200Group members for UK200Group members to ensure the training will be directly relevant to the needs of member firms in terms of their similar size, their independence and their progressive, commercial approach to doing business.
  • Participants will attend modules with peers at a similar level of experience to enable them to network and learn from each other and share best practice.
  • Participants will be required to complete preparatory work before each module to ensure they arrive prepared and primed to get the most out of the time invested.  This also allows the training consultants to focus on the themes that are most directly relevant to the participants’ needs.
  • Participants will be required to develop personal action plans to bring their learning back into the workplace.  They will also be provided with advice on how best to embed their learning through a variety of additional support tools including workplace coaching and mentoring; work shadowing; reading and on-line reference material, and additional training courses.
  • On-line coaching will also be available from the training consultants during participants’ progression through the programme.
  • The focus of the workshops will be on the management, leadership and business development skills team members need in order to become the all-round business professionals that sets UK200Group members apart from their competitors.
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